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Meetings will be an integral part of the exhibition: trainings and discussions with simultaneous translation services to English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian about new technologies, national and international economy and, more generally, about “hot topics” in the world of Motorsport.
Important thematic conferences and workshops will be organized to the benefit of companies to foster advanced and up-to-date training.
The main experts, celebrated brands and renowned business of Motorsport will take the floor and exhibiting manufactures will have the opportunity to organize personalized events in dedicated areas (subject to availability in the calendar and content approval)

Key events are:


  1. pilot safety and circuit management,
  2. new mechanical technologies, metals and new alloys, European economic trends of the Motorsport industry,
  3. career opportunities and new jobs in the Motorsport world


  1. evolution and implementation of the electrical power system in Motorsport,
  2. media marketing influence on consumers
  3. how to implement the spin-off in Motorsport